Religious Staff

We are blessed to have 7 members of the religious community present on our grounds.

Fr. Adam Purdy - Prior

Fr. Purdy was born in upstate New York. He entered the seminary in 1995 and was ordained to the priesthood in 2001. He has been stationed in England, the Philippines, and the United States during his 21 years of priesthood. He was assigned to Queen of Angels Church in 2020.

Fr. Stephen Zigrang - Assistant Prior

Fr. Zigrang is originally from St. Louis MO, in 1964 he moved with his parents and 6 siblings to Texas. After graduating from St. Thomas University in Houston, he entered the seminary and then spent some time at the Christ in the Dessert monastery in New Mexico. He was ordained in 1978 and worked at a local parish and the Chancery and with the Tribunal. He then went to Washington to study Canon Law at the Catholic University and graduated with his degree in 1984. Fr. Zigrang joined us in 2003 where he teaches in the school and cares for two mission chapels in San Antonio and Austin.

Fr. Christopher Brandler

Fr. Brandler was raised in Chicago, IL. He was ordained in 1985 from St Thomas Aquinas Seminar by Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre. Some of his past assignments have been at Post Falls, ID, Los Gatos CA, and at District Headquarters in Platte City MO. He was assigned to Queen of Angels in 2020 and teaches in the school.

Fr. Luke DeMeyer

Fr. DeMeyer is from Chico California and was ordained in 2013 in Winona, MN. He attributes his vocation to the prayer of the Rosary which his dad prayed every day of his life. Fr. DeMeyer's first assignment was in Arcadia California where he spent 6 years taking care of two mission chapels and the school. He was assigned to Queen of Angels Priory in 2019 and now teaches in the school and cares for 2 mission chapels in Louisiana.

Fr. Stephen Reid

Fr. Reid is from Scottsdale, AZ and was ordained in 2015 in Winona, MN. His first assignment was at Immaculate Conception Academy for one year in Post Falls, ID. He then spent 3 years as pastor/principal in Saint Cloud and Belle Plaine, MN. His next assignment was in Saint Mary's KS where he was the girls school principal for 3 years. In 2022 he was assigned here at Queen of Angels Priory. Some of his interests are: running, watercolor painting, and writing.

Fr. John Corr

Fr Corr was born and raised in San Jose California, he is one of twelve children and graduated from St. Thomas More Academy in 2008. In 2011 he entered the seminary in Winona MN before the seminary was moved to Virginia in 2016. He was ordained in 2019 and assigned to Queen of Angels Priory where he teaches in the school and cares for one of the mission chapels in Louisiana.  

Brother Jerome