About Queen of Angels Priory

Queen of Angels is a traditional Catholic church located in Dickinson, Texas, served by priests of the SSPX.

We have a daily Tridentine Mass and we run a traditional Catholic School for children K-11. ​ The SSPX recognizes the importance of frequent social contact between its priests, its faithful, and the world at large. Community life, education, and apostolic works are crucial in forming a complete Catholic society. This growing parish serves as one of these outposts, eager to serve our community by providing traditional Catholic Sacraments.

Chapel Life

In addition to a daily Tridentine Mass, Queen of Angels offers a variety of activities and organizations for faithful of all ages.

Please see the organizations page for how to join the various sodalities, organizations, and groups that provide spiritual and social benefits!


There are six priests and one brother in residence at Queen of Angels:

Fr. Adam Purdy: Prior

Fr. Stephen Zigrang: Assistant Prior

Fr. Christopher Brandler

Fr. Luke DeMeyer

Fr. Stephen Reid

Fr. John Corr

Brother Jerome

Queen of Angels Academy

The school operates on site serving children a quality education for both elementary and high school grades K-11. Please contact the school for more information.

E-mail: [email protected]