Lay staff

Like all the priories and schools of the SSPX, volunteers are invaluable, and too numerous to count. Below are a few of the staff members who hold official positions within the priory

Church & Academy Secretary - Mrs. Cindy Foley

Mrs. Foley has been assisting in the office since May 2018. Please contact her for information concerning the academy, Sunday catechism, church events, fundraisers, and organizations at [email protected]

Webmaster - Ms. Sandy Klaud

Ms. Klaud has recently come to us from Chicago and is in charge of the website. If you have pictures or content that you would like considered for the website, please contact her at [email protected]

Academy Secretary - Mrs. Mary Salvato

Mrs. Salvato has been with the church and academy since 2019. If you need more information concerning the school, please contact her at [email protected]

Church Treasurer - Mr. Vince Blackwood

Mr. Blackwood has been with the church since 2020. He and his wife have 5 children and love to be outside enjoying God's beautiful creation. If you need any information on accounting, Sunday collections, or are in need of collection envelopes, you may contact him at [email protected]

Property Manager - Mr. Mark Bryan 

Mr, Bryan moved here in 1976 with his parents after they heard about the Society of St. Pius the X and the group in Texas. He was present when Archbishop Lefebvre blessed Queen of Angels Church on July 10, 1977 and has used his masonry skills to help repair and maintain both the property and buildings. Mark first met his wife of 42 years on the porch of the church hall and they have been blessed with 12 children.


Many thanks and appreciation to the many people at Queen of Angels who provide meals for priests, serve our retreatants, manage the bookstore, run the parish Sunday Catechism classes, clean the church and priory, as well as take on special roles like fundraising, special events, and theatre productions.  All our volunteers and helpers are held with high regard by the staff and are extremely worthy of our priests and faithful's prayers & gratitude.